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Optikos Corp. Clearly Focused on Process Improvement

Optikos Corp. Clearly Focused on Process Improvement

Talented quality personnel and engineers from a leading manufacturer of metrology products share their quality process improvements. Careful implementation of optimal tools and techniques is a focus of Optikos Corp. (Wakefield, MA), an optical engineering and manufacturing company working to eliminate waste in product movement, downtime, and product defects. It’s not just a growth-focused endeavor, …

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Announcing The New Cross Member™

Cross-Member Set

Phillips Precision’s Products Division announces The New Cross-Member™ as part of the Inspection Arsenal® fixture system.  Not only does Phillips Precision offer the only universal, quick-swap fixture systems, but they provide quick, creative fixture design and quick shipping of your orders.  Inspection Arsenal® will help optimize your inspection process to deliver perfect parts faster than …

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Inspection Arsenal® Open-Sight™ Spacer Plates

Open-Sight Spacer Plate

BOYLSTON, Mass. Vision inspection machines have grown in popularity and in SIZE.  There are some large pieces of glass out there with very limited fixture options.  Phillips Precision has added versatile Spacer-Plates to its Inspection Arsenal® Open-Sight™ vision line. Insert as many 6×6” or 180x180mm spacers as you need to place your parts where you …

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Fixturing 101: Crucial For Quality – Quality Magazine

Loc-N-Load with multiple setups

INSPECTION DATA IS CRITICAL TO DELIVERING PERFECT PARTS FASTER, EXPERTS SAY.  By Genevieve Diesing Proper fixturing addresses several key parts of quality: It ensures that inspected parts remain in a repeatable and reproducible orientation on a measuring device. It keeps parts from moving during the inspection process. And it minimizes operator error during the inspection …

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Phillips Precision featured in Thomas Insights

To Break Workflow Bottlenecks, U.S. Manufacturer Designs Quick-swap Fixture Systems

To Break Workflow Bottlenecks, U.S. Manufacturer Designs Quick-swap Fixture Systems To better serve customers who want a rapid return on investment, to adapt and reuse existing fixtures effortlessly, and to move toward lights-out inspection, Phillips Precision, Inc. designed the only universal, quick-swap fixture system for laser marking and inspection.  The Laser Arsenal® and Inspection Arsenal® are easy-to-implement …

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Introducing Universal Spring-Load Chuck

Inspection Arsenal - Spring Load Chuck

BOYLSTON, Mass. January 14th, 2021 – Filling a void in work holding options for rings and spherical part inspection, Phillips Precision introduces a new Universal Spring-Load Chuck to the arsenal. This tool may be the solution for hard to hold parts that previously required custom setups.  Now, measure a large size range with one-handed operation …

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Spanner-Vise™ Versatile Assembly

Spanner-Vise™ Assembly

Phillips Precision, Inc. introduces the Spanner-Vise™ versatile assembly – including step jaws, centers, and slider base. BOYLSTON, Mass. November 9, 2020 – The very popular Spanner-Vise™ for inspection and laser marking setups could very well be your new favorite fixture tool. Phillips Precision, Inc. added a slider base plate and centers in answer to customer …

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Production Machining – Fast Fixturing for Inspection and Laser Marking

Fast Fixturing for Inspection and Laser Marking - Precision Machining

LORI BECKMAN, Senior Editor, Production Machining September 20, 2020 The versatility of the Inspection Arsenal and Laser Arsenal modular fixture plate systems enables fixturing to be built on the individual grid plates. The plates can be easily removed from the magnetic docking rail when not needed. Not all shops can boast that they have developed several products to …

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Cobots Breach Manufacturing Inspection Labs!

Robotics Integration - Inspection Arsenal®

BOYLSTON, Mass. September 24, 2020 – Robotic applications are not limited to shop floor manufacturing – they are quickly moving into the inspection lab! By design, Loc-N-Load™ quick-swap fixture plate system provides a perfect platform for robotic applications. The secure docking rail offers a repeatable location for parts fixtured on individual plates. Grippers are designed …

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Verti-Plate™ – Perpendicular Loc-N-Load™ Plate Assembly

Verti-Plate™ - Perpendicular Loc-N-Load™ Plate Assembly

In response to customer requests, the industry’s first and only truly universal and modular inspection system – Inspection Arsenal® – has added a vertical plate option. Not all work is checked lying flat and now inspectors can mount work pieces on edge and off the table. The perpendicular plate assembly is made up of two …

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