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AIR-GLIDE™ for Loc-N-Load™ Plates

Let Loc-N-Load™ Air-Glide™ Do the Heavy Lifting

Loc-N-Load™ Air-Glide™ feature lets your CMM and fixture plates do the heavy lifting.

With a press of a switch and one pinky finger, inspectors can easily glide the weight of an anvil across the granite!

The Air-Glide™ feature can be added to larger Loc-N-Load™ plates ranging in size from 12″ x 18″ to 24″ x 36″. The system comes ready for use with all the hardware and accessories. Docking rails can be ordered separately.

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Please note: The Loc-N-Load™ Air-Glide™ is a custom product and is non-refundable.

“The Air-Glide™ you made for us works wonderful. We are extremely happy with this product and I would recommend it all day long. My biggest problem is keeping my boss away from playing with it!”

Elmet Technology is measuring a tungsten heavy alloy part 1.50” thick by 7” wide by 18” long weighing up to 120-lbs each. The part is loaded and unloaded with a lift table cart outfitted with a conveyor.

Frank Begert
CMM Programmer/Metrology Leader
Elmet Technology

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