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How Modular Fixturing Transforms Inspection and Maximizes Profit

The inspection lab plays a pivotal role in ensuring the quality of manufactured products across all industries. The advancement of machine technology provides unprecedented accuracy, yet without the proper fixturing, the benefits of these technological strides are missed. Traditional methods involving hot glue, silly putty, and tape fall short in delivering the repeatability and reproducibility required in modern inspection processes. While one-piece grid plates provide a more stable foundation for work holding and fixtures, they have significant limitations. For example, the assembly and disassembly of fixtures is forced to happen directly on the machine, leading to increased downtime—not only for the inspection machine but also for the production machines on the shop floor waiting for inspection data.

Revolutionizing Fixturing and Staging of Parts

Open Site Fixturing

This is where Inspection Arsenal® revolutionizes the fixturing and staging of parts. The modular system allows for the setup and staging of parts in queue to be done independent of the inspection machine – while its running other parts. So, as soon as one inspection is complete, the fixture and part can be quickly swapped with the next, eliminating downtime and enhancing the efficiency of the entire production pipeline—from the spindle all the way to the shipping dock.

Think of Inspection Arsenal® as an erector set for your inspection lab. A versatile system that is limited only by creativity. Users can mount docking rails on the X-axis, Y-axis, or both. Some inspection labs even run a series of rails across their granite surfaces, enabling them to load-up fixtures wherever needed. This adaptability also extends across a multitude of inspection equipment, including coordinate measuring machines, vision systems, optical comparators and even gage arms or height and contour gages. It should also be noted that these work holding components can be used beyond the metrology lab and implemented into laser marking, assembly, welding, and robotic applications as well.

For those dealing with prototypes or small batches, fixtures can be easily assembled and then disassembled to be used for another setup. However, for production runs of recurring parts, the entire fixture can be stored on a shelf or in a job box, ready to be used at any moment. This method not only speeds up the inspection process but also maintains repeatability and reproducibility, allowing even less skilled employees to perform inspections with minimal effort.

Inspection within the Production Process

Inspection Arsenal® also addresses the often-overlooked needs of inspection within the production process, by providing CAD models of the entire product line, for offline programming and fixture design. Inspection fixtures can be planned alongside shop floor fixtures, eliminating the time typically required to set up parts, when inspection is treated as an afterthought.

Inspection Arsenal® can significantly enhance employee morale by reducing the stress associated with inspection tasks. Inspectors can focus on their core responsibilities without the frustration of dealing with inefficient fixturing methods. This not only increases job satisfaction but also contributes to higher overall productivity. From a financial perspective, Profits Are in the Speed of The Swap! Reducing downtime translates directly to increased throughput and a faster return on investment for not only the inspection machines, but also machines and equipment on the shop floor. Delivering perfect parts faster enhances the company’s reputation and competitive edge, leading to greater customer satisfaction and potential growth.

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