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Kennebec saved $40K on parts fixtured with Inspection Arsenal
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We are very pleased with the reduction in set up times it offers us allowing quick changeovers between set up. The product is proving to be a great help. We now make our inspection fixtures to attach directly to the rail which allows us to automate more of our inspection programs as we are starting from known locations.

Andrew Walmsley, President
Volo Aero MRO

“The Air-Glide™ you made for us works wonderful. We are extremely happy with this product and I would recommend it all day long. My biggest problem is keeping my boss away from playing with it!”

Elmet Technology is measuring a tungsten heavy alloy part 1.50” thick by 7” wide by 18” long weighing up to 120-lbs each. The part is loaded and unloaded with a lift table cart outfitted with a conveyor.

Frank Begert, CMM Programmer/Metrology Leader
Elmet Technology

I’ve been using [other] products and was introduced to your company recently. Their inspection plate costs had us making them in house, but your product costs are reasonable, and your quality is equal to or better. Really a no brainer for us!

Richard Bortz, Quality Supervisor
Temco Tool Co.

This innovative inspection work holding puts a unique perspective on how products can assist a company to sustain Lean. The clamps especially help to reduce the time taken for the non-value-added service of inspection… in an economical way. Just like Lean – it helps a company to reduce some of the non-value added waste that affects profits.

Kevin Smith, Project Manager
Massachusetts Manufacturers Extension Partnership (MassMEP)

The quality of the products that you provide us is impeccable. CMM inspection of large part lots is now much faster and more economical.

Wayne Loomer, Quality Manager
Hologic, Inc.

Phillips Precision is a very good company to work with and from what I’ve seen of their products it has been exceptional quality, with great delivery times!

David Rahn, Machinist & Mechanical Designer
Superior Machine and Design

The guys on the CMM love your gear and as we get bigger and better we will definitely be using more of it. We are still pretty small but have big plans!!

Richard van der Plas, Quality Engineering Manager
Enztec, New Zealand

We have a bottleneck in our QC department because our new Palletech machine produces parts faster than we can inspect – even with our automated CMMs. The action of these new clamps helps us inspect parts faster- boosting productivity of both machines. We’re able to verify the quality of more parts early in production.

Scott Ferrecchia, Vice President
Lincoln Tool & Machine

As a LEAN Six Sigma instructor and practitioner, I am delighted to recommend Phillips Precision and their Inspection Arsenal™ product line, which eliminates many non-value added setup steps through their CMM fixture plates and work holding. By “fixturing-up” and simplifying the inspection task for repeatable, and documented steps, a standard work opportunity has been created to speed inspection and increase the number of parts inspected, even with a less skilled inspector!


We do both first part and in process inspections. Our table has to be flexible enough to adapt to a variety of parts and to adjust to part changes in quick notice. Inspection Arsenal’s interlocking system enables us to accomplish this goal. Because of its repeatability we have almost eliminated manual alignments after the initial setup. Its versatility has given us much greater latitude in our setups. Thanks for an excellent product.

Don Beasley
Southern Machine Works

Everything looks wonderful and is working as expected. Thank you for all of your help!

Chad Tharp, Director Product Management
B&B AirParts Inc.

Manufacturers and QC departments should take notice, as this will reduce the downtime of expensive machines on the shop floor – higher machine utilization (e.g., running spindles, cutting chips) increases profits. No other company today offers this type of extremely flexible and low cost LEAN inspection solution, and it is strongly backed by some very talented Phillips Precision folks and comes with a 100% money back guarantee!

Dwighd Delgado, CQE

We were looking for a quick change fixture system for our CMMs and believe that your solution is just that! We are always focused on lean activities and as we expand our use of CMMs on our shop floor this solution will be instrumental in our having a “self serve” inspection process.

Harvey Smith, VP Operations
Kennebec Technologies

I just wanted to follow up on the results of the GRR we ran on the new “Fixture”. The results were great – better than expected – and once we get beyond the current project we are working on I will be revisiting this project and will be in touch about scaling up.

Wesley Lantz, Metrology Quality Engineer
SiO2 Materials Science

Midwest Metrology has experienced incredible customer service with Phillips Precision. They are extremely responsive and attentive to every project. Deliveries are quick, quality is great, and their willingness to work with us is incredible. When our customer had a need for a custom fixture kit, Phillips Precision paired us with a personal engineer who came up with a cost effective and inventive solution. Our experience working with Allan and the rest of the Phillips Precision team has been top notch.

Megan Starovich
Midwest Metrology, Zeiss Business Partner

Just an update that the four fixtures we received and assembled and will be put into production within 2 weeks. Everything looks great! I’ll follow up with you again once production is up and running and provide some reference customer material for your use. Thanks again for all of your support!

Tim Stroud
Ellison Technologies

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