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Our Journey To Becoming Part Of The Phillips Precision Tribe

Our Journey To Becoming Part Of The Phillips Precision Tribe The fixturing tale of an ITAR certified company according to the Quality Manager/Engineer Colleagues around the globe have been joining the Phillips Precision tribe as they discover the immeasurable benefits and cost savings realized by choosing a quick-swap, modular approach to inspection.  Tribe members regularly …

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What is the Value to Your Company of a Leaner, More Productive Inspection Process?

Quality Magazine Case Study

Quality Magazine included a case study written by Dwighd Delgado, founder and owner of Strategic Operations Solutions, LLC, about how Inspection Arsenal, a unique fixture solution that is both effective and affordable, can improve customer satisfaction and profitability by eliminating the 8 wastes most often encountered in the most critical steps in manufacturing.

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A LEAN Parts Identification Process Involves Quick-Swap Fixture System

Indexer affixed to its own Laser Arsenal™ fixture plate.

Continuous improvement is fostered in the culture at Armstrong International of Three Rivers, Michigan.  The company’s longevity – more than 115 years in business – is a reflection of this culture.  One recent improvement was made in the identification process for the stainless steel line which tens of thousands of product variations totaling more than …

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MMTS’s Practical Training Helps Customers Improve Productivity

Metalstorm 2014 - Multi-sensor machine, Loc-N-Load™ docking rail, plates and Hole Adjusters with Silver Bullet™ stand offs.

Methods Machine Tool Sales (MMTS) of Sudbury, Massachusetts, is the New England distributor and sole training center for Carl Zeiss inspection equipment. Customers can train in MMTS’s state-of-the art lab or send examples of problem parts to the lab for help with their inspection solutions.

To introduce trainees to the most modern and lean approach to fixturing, the MMTS training team turned to quick-swap fixture plates and workholding. These allow for smoother transitions during contract inspections and when automating engineered turnkey solutions.

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Why Not Lights Out Inspection? … PDQ, Inc. of CT asks.

Many shops are realizing the benefits of lights-out machining, having established a reliable process to enable machine tools to run unattended overnight or during the day to free operators to perform other duties while machines make chips.

Rocky Hill, Connecticut’s PDQ Inc. is currently rethinking its approach to CMM inspection to establish a lights-out measuring process to realize similar benefits.

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Breaking the QC bottleneck at Kennebec Technologies

Kennebec Technologies

Similar to many successful manufacturers, Kennebec Technologies began in a garage. After more than 40 years and with more than 65 employees working there, Kennebec has become a world-class parts manufacturer that specializes in complex, high-precision components for aerospace, defense, alternative energy, medical, semiconductor and telecom applications.

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Part Inspection Speeds Up at Triangle Manufacturing with Inspection Arsenal®

The modular nature of the plate system need only cover a small area of the granite. Plates are quickly and easily swapped on and off the machine for jobs that may require exposed granite.

Triangle Manufacturing Co. was established in 1955 by William F. Strohmeyer and two other enterprising engineers in a suburban New Jersey garage. It’s grown steadily over three generations to become a leading provider of highly complex, tight tolerance surgical implants, medical instruments and powered hand tools. Today, Triangle employs nearly 200 employees in four dedicated state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Upper Saddle River, NJ.

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