Our Journey To Becoming Part Of The Phillips Precision Tribe

The fixturing tale of an ITAR certified company according to the Quality Manager/Engineer

Colleagues around the globe have been joining the Phillips Precision tribe as they discover the immeasurable benefits and cost savings realized by choosing a quick-swap, modular approach to inspection.  Tribe members regularly offer insight into their experiences.  This metrology department is converting from old-school 1-piece grid plates and vises to Inspection Arsenal®.

“I’m really enjoying Inspection Arsenal® products.  We’re still using prototype fixturing and tools to get us by but soon to be a semi-final set up.

The docking, quick-swap system versus a grid plate parallels the machine shop layout for production versus job shopping. Our Zeiss, which is being upgraded, was our first CMM and was bought to cover anything and everything. So, we’ve been through some iterations:

We have a grid plate on a ~30″x30″ Zeiss. We had a small machinist vise and added some custom fixturing but there was a lot of setup in the vise before being able to hit go.

We were getting a wider variety of production parts, so we decided to put a Kurt Vise with Step jaws on the grid plate and it hasn’t been moved since. Instead, we have custom fixturing that sits in the step jaws. The problem here is we’ve had several hands in the programming pot and each person chose a different spot to bump the custom fixture to. For example, one person made it flush with the left and one person made it flush with the right.

We bought a COORD3 CMM and a lot of the larger parts were taken from the Zeiss to start batch running parts. We use CMM Manager by QX CMM (previously Nikon) and as long as the parts are within ~.010″ of the original alignment, the CMM can realign the part by itself.

“… and as long as the parts are within ~.010″ of the original alignment,
the CMM can realign the part by itself.”

We used two 30″ rails on a 35″x 63″ table and just recently we went from batch running 2 parts to 4 parts on two different custom fixtures. So, on just one job, we’ve essentially gained a couple of hours of automated running with all of the perks of the docking system.

This quality inspector realizes the intelligence of the CMM, is removing the guesswork about setups for his colleagues, and installs universal Inspection Arsenal® across all inspection equipment. Further standardizing and speeding inspection for his company.

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