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Press Release – V-Jaws for the Versatile Spanner-Vise™

BOYLSTON, Mass. July 24th, 2023 – Inspection Arsenal® all new V-Jaws for the versatile Spanner-Vise™ addresses the unique challenge of holding shafts and rounds for inspection.  Easily mount the new V-Jaws to the Spanner-Vise™, one of the most popular work holding tools in the arsenal.  The Spanner-Vise™ itself, is a two-piece vise you can infinitely adjust to accommodate most any size part. Aluminum Step-Jaws come standard with the vise, but Centers Jaws and now the new V-Jaws are also available to enhance this versatile tool even further.

The V-Jaws are specifically engineered to securely hold shafts and rounds ranging from .500″ to 1.625″ in diameter. This remarkable capability ensures compatibility with a wide variety of part sizes, making it an ideal choice for diverse inspection needs.

Made from 6061-T6 aluminum, the V-Jaws are also machinable so you can easily customize to various part geometries, ensuring optimal grip and stability during inspections.

Spanner Vice V-Jaws

Notable features of the Spanner-Vise™ V-Jaws include:

  • Superior Holding Capability: The V-Jaws provide a secure and stable grip on shafts and rounds in the .500″ to 1.625″ diameter range, ensuring precise and accurate measurements during inspections.
  • Machinable Aluminum Construction: Made from soft aluminum; the V-Jaws offer excellent machinability, enabling effortless modifications to adapt to different part geometries, thereby maximizing versatility.
  • Streamlined Integration: The V-Jaws seamlessly integrates with the Spanner-Vise™ and Spanner-Vise™ Versatile Assembly, enhancing its functionality and easily expanding the range of work holding options for inspectors.
Spanner Vice V-Jaws with Part

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