Spanner-Vise™ w/ New Sliding Plate

A two-piece vise especially designed for use on Loc-N-Load™ or other inspection fixture plates. Infinitely adjust the distance to accommodate the work piece and lock down securely.

Soft jaws are standard with a milled step or can be machined to nest the work piece. Gain height with Inspection Arsenal® stand-offs. Black anodized aluminum. For metric plates, the necessary Adapter Plates and Mounting Hardware are included.

Or, choose the enhanced Spanner-Vise™ assembly which includes a dedicated base plate, step jaws, centers and mounting hardware.

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SYS-SP-VISE-2.50Spanner-Vise™ Versatile Assembly$1,499.00


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SYS-SP-VISE-2.50-MSpanner-Vise™ Versatile Assembly$1,689.00


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SPV-JAW-CSpanner-Vise™ Center Jaws, 1 pair (Inch or Metric)$274.95
SP-BASESpanner-Vise™ Slider Base (Inch or Metric)$449.00
SPV-JAWSpanner-Vise™ Step Jaws, 1 pair (Inch or Metric)$89.95
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