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Spanner-Vise™ Versatile Assembly (Inch or Metric)



ENHANCED Spanner-Vise™ System – Includes 2.5” vise, slider base, step jaws, center jaws and mounting hardware.

The very popular Spanner-Vise™ for inspection and laser marking setups could very well be your new favorite fixture tool. We’ve added a slider base plate and centers in answer to customer requests. The assembly now includes the Spanner-Vise™, a set of step jaws, centers for cylindrical parts and a slider base specific to this two-piece vise.

The Spanner-Vise™ by itself can be installed on all inch or metric Loc-N-Load™ or other fixture plates. Infinitely adjust the distance to accommodate the work piece and lock down securely. The slider base was created for large spacing requirements while maintaining an even higher level alignment accuracy. Swap between stepped jaws or the centers to move from square to cylindrical parts. The knurled adjusting screw provides the finer adjustments and helps to avoid over tightening. Add stand-offs for height or inquire about custom jaws.

Weight9 lbs
Dimensions9 × 5 × 3 in