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Inspection Arsenal
Inspection Arsenal - Phillips Precision

Deliver Perfect Parts Faster Than Ever Before with Modular Inspection

Inspectors can now build palletized modular fixtures that can be easily removed from the granite and precisely reinstalled with the click of a magnet. This allows for quick swaps between fixtures on one machine or easily move fixtures from one machine to the other with virtually no down time!

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Mini Vise™

Mini Vise™

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Fixturing for Tactile and Vision Inspection

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CMM Fixturing

12" Loc-N-Load™ Bundled System with Starter Kit
CMM Fixture Bundles
Portable Gage fixture system
Gage Arm Fixture Bundle
zCat Loc-N-Load Bundle - Inch
zCAT Fixture Bundles
Loc-N-Load Plates
Fixture Plates / Rails
Loc-N-Load Accessory Plates
Accessory Fixture Plates
TR-KIT-03 - The Starter Kit - Inch
Work Holding Fixture Kits
Air Glide

Vision Fixturing

Vision Bundles - SYS03_DK12VIS01
Fixture Bundles
Optical Comparator Fixture System (6" Rail with STARTER Clamp Kit)
Optical Comparator
Fixture Bundle
Open-Sight Plate Dimensions - Inch
Fixture Plates / Rails
Clear Corner Stop, Polycarbonate
Fixture Accessories
Vision Kit
Work Holding Fixture Kits

Work Holding Components

TR-KIT-03 - The Starter Kit - Inch
CMM Work Holding Kits
Vision Kit
Vision Work Holding Kits
Work Holding Spring Clamp Sets
Spring Clamps
Sturdy Hold Down Clamps
Hold Downs
Work Holding Stops and Rails
Stops and Rails
Magnetic Riser Set for CMM Inspections.
Standoffs and Risers
Modular Tower System Bundle
Modular Tower System
Cross-Member Set
Cross Member

Specialty Clamps and Vises

ER Collet Chuck Collection
Collet Chucks
Rapid Loc Pneumatic Vise System
Rapid-Loc™ Pneumatic
Skinny Vise™ - Spring Load
Spanner Vise
Sturdy Lever Clamp - 3 Sizes
Sturdy Lever Clamp
Trigger Point Lever Clamp
Trigger-Point™ Lever Clamp
6” Spider-Clamp™, 3 Legged (SC-06-03)
Inspection Arsenal - Spring Load Chuck
Spring-Load Chuck

Cobots Breach Manufacturing Inspection Labs!

Robotics Integration - Inspection Arsenal®

Robotic applications are not limited to shop floor manufacturing – they are quickly moving into the inspection lab! By design, Loc-N-Load™ quick-swap fixture plate system provides a perfect platform for robotic applications. The secure docking rail offers a repeatable location for parts fixtured on individual plates. Grippers are designed for any robot which highlights the universal nature of Inspection Arsenal®.

Customer Testimonials

This innovative inspection work holding puts a unique perspective on how products can assist a company to sustain Lean. The clamps especially help to reduce the time taken for the non-value-added service of inspection… in an economical way. Just like Lean – it helps a company to reduce some of the non-value added waste that affects profits.

Kevin Smith, Project Manager
Massachusetts Manufacturers Extension Partnership (MassMEP)

Triangle Manufacturing
Triangle Manufacturing Case Study
PDQ Case Study
Kennebec Technologies
Kennebec saved $40K on parts fixtured with Inspection Arsenal
Methods Machine Tool
Methods Machine Tool Case Study
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