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Rapid-Loc™ Pneumatic Air Vise System – Metric



RL-VISE-SYS02 Rapid-Loc™ Pneumatic Air Vise SYSTEM, (63.5mm) assembled w/standard Accessories, Fittings and Adapter Base Plate.

Also available to add for multiple connections:

  • RL-SJaw-02:  Soft Jaws for Rapid-Loc™ – Machinable Aluminum
  • RL-MV-Pack:  Fittings for Multi-pack connectors, Elbows, Tees, and Tubing
  • RL-Port-Plugs: 1/8 tube to 1/8 NPT 4 port w/plugs

Additional Multi-Vise Accessories – Order 1 pack per vise for two or more vise setups.

Parts List for Rapid-Loc™ Air Vise System

  • RL-VISE-SYS02-M – Rapid-Loc™ Vise (63.5mm) SYSTEM assembled includes Soft Jaws, Tubing, Valve and fittings.
  • RL-RegulatorM – Air Regulator w/ M. Bracket ** Metric
  • RL-SJaw-02M – Alum Soft Jaws (Add extra Soft Jaws—inspect multiple parts with one vise! )

ADDITIONAL Fittings for Multi-vise setups

  • RL-MV-PackM – Multi-Vise Connector Pack: Elbows, Tees, and Tubing
  • RL-Port-PlugM – Multi-Vise Port & Plugs = 1/8 tube to 1/8 NPT 4 port w/plugs
  • RLM-ADAPT-02 – Rapid-Loc™ Adapter Base Plate, necessary for metric use

** Quick Connect (customer supplied) needed to attach to your compressed air **


Rapid-Loc™ light duty air vise for CMM Inspection

Designed to take advantage of the air at your CMM, the soft jaws of the Rapid-Loc™ vise can be customized to hold most any part. Regulated air pressure can produce just enough clamping force to hold delicate parts or as much as 150-lbs if needed.

Mount Rapid-Loc™ vises on Inspection Arsenal™ Loc-N-Load™ quick-swap fixture plates for fast, accurate, and highly repeatable setups that help break inspection bottlenecks. Rapid-Loc™ can also be mounted on existing CMM breadboards. The black anodized, aluminum Rapid-Loc™ pneumatic vise has a 63.5 x 88.9mm footprint, 1.27mm travel, 150-lbs of force. Secure Rapid-Loc™ with standard or metric thread screws.

Order the Rapid-Loc™ vise system fully assembled with fittings, valves, and tubing – can even be mounted on a Loc-N-Load™ plate sized per your job. Add multiple Rapid-Loc™ pneumatic vises per fixture plate with soft jaws machined to hold one part or multiple parts per vise.

Rapid-Loc™ System comes fully assembled: Rapid-Loc™ Air Vise with machinable soft jaws, valve and fittings included. Regulator sold separately.

MULTI-VISE setups:  Mount on Loc-N-Load™ fixture plate sized per your job.  Combine multiple assembled vises and tubing, a regulator and accessories as needed for a multi-part fixture. Soft jaws can be machined to hold one or multiple parts per vise.

CUSTOM: send Phillips Precision electronic part files and we will create a custom, turn-key Rapid-Loc™ pneumatic fixture ready for your work. RL-VISE-SYS02-M, Rapid-Loc™ (63.5mm footprint) Air Vise SYSTEM for CMM Inspections.

Loc-N-Load™ docking rails and fixture plates sold separately.

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions13 × 10 × 4 in