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Plates and Rails – Metric

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Lock-n-Load™ Plates and Rails

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LNL-DOCK-M540300-CSTMRCAD MODEL Loc-N-Load™ Docking Plate 540 x 300mm
LNL-DOCK-M360-CSTMRCAD MODEL Loc-N-Load™ Docking Rail 360mm
LNL-DOCK-M540-CSTMRCAD MODEL Loc-N-Load™ Docking Rail 540mm
LNL-DOCK-M720-CSTMRCAD MODEL Loc-N-Load™ Docking Rail 720mm
LNL-M180180-CSTMRCAD MODEL Loc-N-Load™ Interlocking Plate - 180x180mm
LNL-M180360-CSTMRCAD MODEL Loc-N-Load™ Interlocking Plate - 180x360mm
LNL-M360360-CSTMRCAD MODEL Loc-N-Load™ Interlocking Plate - 360x360mm
LNL-M360540-CSTMRCAD MODEL Loc-N-Load™ Interlocking Plate - 360x540mm
OC-DOCK-M180-CSTMRCAD MODEL Optical Comparator 180mm Docking Rail
LNL-M-ZCAT-CSTMRCAD MODEL zCAT Loc-N-Load™ Base Plate – Metric

Open-Sight™ Plates and Rails

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OS-M180180-SPCR-CSTMRCAD MODEL 180x180mm Polycarbonate Spacer Plate
OS-DOCK-M180-CSTMRCAD MODEL Open-Sight™ Docking Rail 180mm - Metric
OS-DOCK-M360-CSTMRCAD MODEL Open-Sight™ Docking Rail 360mm - Metric
OS-DOCK-M540-CSTMRCAD MODEL Open-Sight™ Docking Rail 540mm - Metric
OS-DOCK-M720-CSTMRCAD MODEL Open-Sight™ Docking Rail 720mm - Metric
OS-M180240-CSTMRCAD MODEL Open-Sight™ Plate 180 x 240mm
OS-M180240-B-CSTMRCAD MODEL Open-Sight™ Plate 180 x 240mm B
OS-M180240-X-CSTMRCAD MODEL Open-Sight™ Plate 180 x 240mm X
OS-M360360-CSTMRCAD MODEL Open-Sight™ Plate 360 x 360mm
OS-M360360-B-CSTMRCAD MODEL Open-Sight™ Plate 360 x 360mm B
OS-M360360-X-CSTMRCAD MODEL Open-Sight™ Plate 360 x 360mm X

Specialty Plates

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LNL-ADPT-M6-CSTMRCAD MODEL Adapter Plate - Metric
LNL-QUAL-PLT-M-CSTMRCAD MODEL Qualifying Ball Plate - Metric
LNL-M180180-PERP-ASSY-CSTMRCAD MODEL Verti-Plate™ - Metric
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