Open-Sight™ - Vision Bundles - Metric

We’ve made selection easy with preconfigured bundled fixture systems for Vision inspections.  Select the docking rail and polycarbonate plate bundle size that suits your application.
Next, choose a work-holding kit for your bundled system.

Kits contain selections of the Inspection Arsenal® trigger-action, low-profile clamps, rails, stops, and hold-downs to enable quick and easy set-ups.
Select from 2 different Vision Kits with Metric (M6 threads).

  • Select from 6 Metric Bundled Fixture systems for Vision Inspections.
  • Combinations of Open-Sight™ rails, plates and non-marring clamps help to create affordable, repeatable and durable fixtures.
  • Open-Sight™ fixture plates, docking rails and work holding kits can be ordered individually.
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