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Skinny Vise – Metric

Inspectors can easily hold small, thin and odd parts with simplicity and precise repeatability. Expose more of the part and keep the clamp as non-intrusive as possible. With the Skinny-Vise™, you can easily see past the fixture on vision systems and CMM probes can easily access nearly 100% of the surface of a part.

Two options of the Skinny-Vise™ are available. One version is hand tightened with a twist of a thumb screw and the other spring-loaded to maintain consistent pressure between operators.

The spring-loaded Skinny-Vise™ comes with 3 replaceable compression springs of 10, 15, and 25-lbs providing consistent and repeatable force for production inspection. Simply press down on the movable jaw to open and release to close. Add stops and clocking features with 10-32 tapped side holes.

The static jaw for both is adjustable up to 1.5” allowing for incredibly fast swaps and repeat inspection of very thin, small parts. Machinable aluminum jaws can be customized to hold parts of all shapes including pins and spheres and the vise base can be mounted in any direction desired, giving inspectors even more options to hold parts more efficiently than ever before.

Introducing Skinny-Vise™

How to Mount My Skinny-Vise™

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