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Custom Fixture Design Services

Perfect Work Holding Components for Your Inspection Needs

While Inspection Arsenal® standard fixturing is universal with a large variety of versatile plates and work holding, no fixture system is one-size-fits-all.

You can have the perfect work holding components custom designed for your needs. AND, by using Loc-N-Load™ quick-swap fixture plate system as the platform you’ll have the leanest, fastest part swaps!

Any designs created will be shared for your approval.

  • 1-up or multi-part fixtures designed for CMM and vision systems.
  • Custom pneumatic fixtures or custom jaws for Rapid-Loc™ vises.
  • Special marking, barcoding, or part numbers added to fixtures.
  • 3D printing of sample parts available.

If you prefer, download our Fixture Design Request form.

Phillips Precision’s Inspection Arsenal® quick-swap fixture system will help you Deliver Perfect Parts Faster!

Customer Testimonial

“The Air-Glide™ you made for us works wonderful. We are extremely happy with this product and I would recommend it all day long. My biggest problem is keeping my boss away from playing with it!”

Elmet Technology is measuring a tungsten heavy alloy part 1.50” thick by 7” wide by 18” long weighing up to 120-lbs each. The part is loaded and unloaded with a lift table cart outfitted with a conveyor.

Frank Begert, CMM Programmer/Metrology Leader
Elmet Technology
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Phillips Precision - Custom Design Services

Note: Phillips Precision produces static work holding concepts and complete review and approval from customers will be required prior to work commencing. Phillips Precision does not perform Gage R&R on supplied fixtures.

Custom Design Inquiry

Phillips Precision, Inc. does not perform gage R&R studies on fixtures it designs for customers. This is the sole responsibility of the customer, unless specifically requested by customer and quoted as part of the initial work.

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