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A manufacturing podcast series directly from inside the walls of manufacturing laboratory Phillips Precision, Inc. located in Boylston, MA. The birthplace of industry changing innovations: Mitee-Bite® Pitbull® Clamp, Inspection Arsenal®, Laser Arsenal® and the M5 Edge Finder™. Phillips Precision’s very own Allan DeLisle sits down with manufacturing insiders and experts to discuss new technologies and innovations in automation, inspection, tooling and process improvements that are breaking bottlenecks and making production faster than ever before. Staying competitive in the future of the industry will require a new mindset of LEAN, perfect and fast. A deep look into Delivering Perfect Parts Faster!

Phillips Precision Podcast
Allan DeLisle - Podcast

Featured Product – Spring Load Chuck

The solution for hard-to-hold parts that previously required custom fixture designs. Inspectors can easily measure rings and rounds in a range between 1/16” to 13-3/4” with a single chuck!

The center hole is designed to provide maximum back lighting for vision systems and the chuck can be operated one handed with no tools. The spring-loaded design is self-adjusting and reversible allowing parts to be held by the inside diameter or outside diameter. The three springs can be employed independently or in unison, providing clamping force options ranging from 1.59 to 14.73 pounds per inch. The overall size of this durable, one-of-a-kind inspection fixture is 12.5” across. The three clamping jaws are stainless steel, the guides are Teflon hard coated aluminum, while the dynamic wheel is clear anodized aluminum.

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