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Introducing Air-Glide Loc-N-Load™ Fixture Plates!

Air-Glide w/ anvil on Loc-N-Load™ Fixture Plates
Air-Glide w/ anvil on Loc-N-Load™ Fixture Plates
Air-Glide set up with anvil on Loc-N-Load™ fixture plates
Air-Glide set up with anvil on Loc-N-Load™ fixture plates

Make use of the air at your CMM to assist in the movement and inspection of heavy parts.

BOYLSTON, Mass. March 1, 2016 – The industry popular Inspection Arsenal™ Loc-N-Load™ quick-swap fixture system can now be ordered with air assist.  Let your CMM and fixture plates do the heavy work. With a flip of a switch and one pinky finger, inspectors can easily glide the weight of an anvil across the granite.

According to Steve Phillips, President of Phillips Precision and inventor of Inspection Arsenal™, “The technique-altering Loc-N-Load™ system is designed to break bottlenecks and expose hidden profits in inspection. We’ve answered a number of customer requests by adding the air-glide feature to our quick-swap system.”

Now companies inspecting heavier parts can take advantage of the magnetic puzzle-like, quick-to-swap system.  The air-glide feature can be easily added to the standard 12×18” fixture plate per customer request.  Additional special order size plates are 18×18”, 18×24”, 24×24”, and 24×36”.   The standard fixture system includes several size docking rails, fixture plates, end caps, a unique plate for the qualifying ball bar, and an angle plate. The hole pattern seamlessly integrates when interlocked. Plates can be ordered individually or in pre-configured bundled systems which include work holding kits.

The system allows customers to start off small and add plates that can become part of the job kit for LEAN set-up reduction.  An infinite number of setups can be swapped in and out quickly to increase the number of parts inspected per shift.

Inspection Arsenal™ complements other fixturing you may have and the value makes converting from other techniques very cost effective.   Plates with air-glide feature are made to order. Standard Loc-N-Load™ product is ready-made and the company has a same-day shipping policy so an order today can be improving efficiency by tomorrow.

Click here for a short video clip of the air-glide Loc-N-Load™ fixture plate.

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