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Optikos Corp. Clearly Focused on Process Improvement

Talented quality personnel and engineers from a leading manufacturer of metrology products share their quality process improvements.

Optikos Corp. Clearly Focused on Process Improvement

Careful implementation of optimal tools and techniques is a focus of Optikos Corp. (Wakefield, MA), an optical engineering and manufacturing company working to eliminate waste in product movement, downtime, and product defects. It’s not just a growth-focused endeavor, but one that can offer monetary benefits as well.

Optikos is home to the largest independent optical engineering group in the world. They specialize in the engineering design, product development and manufacture of complex optical and opto-mechanical products for a wide variety of clients. Additionally, they have their own standard lineup of metrology test systems for measuring lens, camera and ophthalmic systems. Optikos serves the life science, medical, automotive, aerospace, defense, VR/AR, semiconductor, and consumer industries—you’ll find them Anywhere Light Goes.

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