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Our Open-Sight™ system is transparent so inspectors can see their work clearly, and inspect with greater speed and accuracy.

Open-Sight™ is the Inspection Arsenal® version that is especially designed for vision systems and it offers the same profit-enhancing benefits.

Docking rails fit the stage of any optical machine. Black anodized aluminum rails and clear, polycarbonate plates are 12.7 mm thick, with 10 mm, 20 mm spacing and M6 holes. System comes in increments of 100 and 180 mm.


Durable, scratch-resistant polycarbonate plates.
Leveling feet available upon request.
More open viewing area.
Dedicate a plate to gauging for fast recalibration.
Blank plates are available for you to customize.

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Open-Site™ Fixture Plates

SKUDescriptionPriceSelect Qty / Check Box
OS-M200100Plate 200 x 100mm$320.00
OS-M200200Plate 200 x 200mm$450.00
OS-M100100Plate 100 x 100mm$250.00
OS-M180240Plate 180 x 240mm$429.00
OS-M100100-BBlank plate 100 x 100$225.00
OS-M180240-BPlate 180 x 240mm Blank$379.00
OS-M200200-BBlank plate 200 x 200$410.00

Open-Site™ Docking Rails

SKUDescriptionPriceSelect Qty / Check Box
OS-DOCK-M200Docking rail – 200 x 60$255.00
OS-DOCK-M100Docking rail – 100 x 60$185.00
OS-DOCK-M180Docking rail – 180 x 75$290.00
OS-DOCK-M360Docking rail – 360 x 75$439.00
OS-DOCK-M540Docking rail – 540 x 75$540.00

Accessories for Open-Site™ Vision Plates

SKUDescriptionPriceSelect Qty / Check Box
SS-01-PCPolycarbonate corner stop.$92.50
LNL-ADPT-06Convert your existing fixtures for use with the LEAN concepts of Loc-N-Load with this simple, …$119.00
VCB-150MThis unique corner block for vision inspection allows COMPLETE access to the entire edge of …$375.00

Open-Site™ Vision Work Holding Kits

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Open-Sight™ for Vision work holding kit includes hold-downs, hole adjusters, clamps, and stops.


Open-Sight™ for Vision work holding kit comes with a full-access Riser-Grip™, magnetic v-blocks, clear scalloped corner stops, a variety of stand-offs and 2 style hold downs.

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