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Our Open-Sight™ system is transparent so inspectors can see their work clearly, and inspect with greater speed and accuracy.

Open-Sight™ is the Inspection Arsenal® version that is especially designed for vision systems and it offers the same profit-enhancing benefits.

Docking rails fit the stage of any optical machine. Black anodized aluminum rails and scratch-resistant polycarbonate plates are 0.5” thick with 1/4-20 holes and 0.5” hole spacing.

Durable, scratch-resistant polycarbonate plates.
Leveling feet available upon request.
More open viewing area.
Dedicate a plate to gauging for fast recalibration.
Blank plates are available for you to customize.

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Open-Site™ Fixture Plates

SKUDescriptionPriceSelect Qty / Check Box
OS-PLT-0606-SPCR6×6” Polycarbonate Spacer Plate with M & F Loc-N-Load™ feature$241.00
OS-PLT-1212Plate 12″ x 12″$895.00
OS-PLT-0606Plate 6″ x 6″$269.00
OS-PLT-0608Plate 6″ x 8″$428.00
OS-PLT-0804Plate 8″ x 4″$497.00
OS-PLT-0808Plate 8″ x 8″$449.00
OS-PLT-1208Plate 12″ x 8″$549.00
OS-PLT-1812Plate 18″ x 12″$1,108.00
OS-PLT-0606-BBlank Plate 6″ x 6″$205.00
OS-PLT-1208-BBlank Plate 12″ x 8″$506.00

Open-Site™ Docking Rails

SKUDescriptionPriceSelect Qty / Check Box
OS-DOCK-24Open-Sight™ Docking Rail 24 x 3”$399.00
OS-DOCK-18Open-Sight™ Docking Rail 18 x 3”$335.00
OS-DOCK-06Open-Sight™ Docking Rail – 6″ x 3″$214.00
OS-DOCK-12Open-Sight™ Docking Rail – 12″ x 3″$295.00

Accessories for Open-Site™ Vision Plates

SKUDescriptionPriceSelect Qty / Check Box
LNL-ADPT-06Convert your existing fixtures for use with the LEAN concepts of Loc-N-Load with this simple, …$119.00
SS-01-PCPolycarbonate corner stop.$139.95
VCB-150MThis unique corner block for vision inspection allows COMPLETE access to the entire edge of …$425.00

Open-Site™ Vision Work Holding Kits

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Open-Sight™ for Vision work holding kit includes hold-downs, hole adjusters, clamps, and stops.


Open-Sight™ for Vision work holding kit comes with a full-access Riser-Grip™, magnetic v-blocks, clear scalloped corner stops, a variety of stand-offs and 2 style hold downs.

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