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Inspection Arsenal
Inspection Arsenal - Phillips Precision

No Waste-LEAN QC!

Adapt and re-use existing CMM fixtures.

Inspection Arsenal™ now includes a simple, low-cost adapter so inspectors can easily adopt the LEAN techniques of the Loc-N-Load™ CMM Fixture System. The new adapter plate simply adds the Loc-N-Load™ signature shape to existing fixtures which can then be secured to a Loc-N-Load™ docking rail for fast, repeatable setups.

Reduce setup time and process more parts per shift with less skilled labor using Inspection Arsenal™ LEAN techniques.  Fixture part families, add fixtures to the job box, and add photo’s to programs for short setup time.
Order your first docking rail and adapters and see demo videos. Choose from our full line of Loc-N-Load™ CMM Fixture Plates and unique CMM work holding components and receive 10% off your order using Coupon Code GETLEAN at checkout. Call us at 508-869-0373 with any questions.

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