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New Loc-N-Load interchangeable CMM fixture plate system for LEAN Inspection!

Kay-Jay Products Introduces Loc-N-Load™ – CMM Fixture Plate System For Leaner, Lower Cost Inspections

Latest Addition to Inspection Arsenal® Uses Interchangeable Plates

BOYLSTON, Mass. March 1, 2013 – Further reducing the cost of CMM inspections, Kay-Jay Products, Inc. today announced the addition of the Loc-N-Load™ CMM Fixture Plate system to its Inspection Arsenal™.

“After trying Loc-N-Load™ , with its interlocking, multi-sized, fast swap plates, CMM inspectors will want to forget about one-piece fixture plates and expensive, precise work holding that today’s CMM no longer requires,” according to Catherine Phillips, President and co-owner of Kay-Jay Products.  “The technique-altering Loc-N-Load™ system is designed for leaner, lower cost inspections.”

Interchangeable plates can be configured to fit your CMM and adapted to the parts you inspect – from the smallest CMMs to the largest, and from small parts to very large parts – on manual and automated CMMs.              

The system includes docking plates, five sizes of interlocking plates, end caps and a qualifying ball plate.  The hole pattern seamlessly integrates and the plates are quickly assembled without tools.  Once assembled, inspectors can program multiple small setups or large parts that span multiple plates.  The docking plate stays out of the probe’s travel to maximize the CMM’s work envelope.

The CMM fixture plate system is affordable and flexible enough to:

  • Reduce Startup Costs: Purchase only the plates you need.
  • Customize Affordably: Choose only the configurations that work for you.
  • Simplify setups and “fixture-up”:  Use as dedicated tooling for production jobs.
  • Eliminate broken probes:  Swap out probe-crunching, tall setups quickly.
  • Enhance your investments:  Fast inspection improves the production pipeline.

“This system drastically reduces inspection setup time and costs,” according to Steve Phillips, inventor of the Inspection Arsenal®. “Imagine being able to replace a custom fixture block – one you pay to procure material for, then have designed, machined and tested – with a couple of simple Loc-N-Load™ plates that are preset with trigger-action Inspection Arsenal® work holding.  Not only will you save a day or two of lead-time, but the cost will be significantly lower.  Parts to be inspected can be set-up by the machine operator and walked over to the inspector ready to measure.”

Creating the right-sized plate configuration is simple, he said.  However, it’s not necessary to cover every inch of a CMM’s granite surface.  In fact, with Loc-N-Load™, inspectors can use the granite to their benefit. They can touch off the granite to find flatness and even place parts on exposed granite next to a Loc-N-Load™ for inspection.

Another key feature of the system is an integrated, but removable, plate for the qualifying bar/ball.  Touch off the qualifying ball and remove it to create unobstructed travel and a more useful work envelope.

Currently, customers can choose length docking plates of 18” or 30”.  Either size can be joined end-to-end for added length.  Interlocking plates that are 6” x 6”, 6” x 12”, 6” x 18”, 12” x 12” and 12” x 18” can be purchase individually and configured for your CMM.  You can secure them with end-caps in 18” and 30” lengths.  As you win repeat jobs, add appropriate sized plates that become part of the job kit for lean set-up reduction.

Kay-Jay Products plans to add plate sizes and welcomes inquiries on custom sizes.

“All products designed for Inspection Arsenal® are simple, affordable, effective, proudly made in the USA, and for a short time available direct from the manufacturer” according to Ms. Phillips.

For additional information, contact Kay-Jay Products at 508-869-0373 or go to  Customers can receive a 10% discount on their first order by mentioning “getlean.”  You’ll also find demo videos on all products that show just how fast and easy Inspection Arsenal™ is to use.

About Kay-Jay Products, Inc.

Kay-Jay Products, Inc. of Boylston, Mass. designs, develops and markets work-holding products for manufacturers. Patents Pending. 

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