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Modular Tower System for CMM Inspection – Metric

Our modular fixture tower expands the CMM work area, enabling inspectors to work more efficiently – and more effectively.

The first in our line of towers is a 2” interlocking system that can be built both vertically and horizontally. Cubes added horizontally can be turned to any angle and locked securely.

  • Building block design lets you determine the height you want!
  • Staggered hole pattern adds flexibility for work holding.
  • Adds even more versatility to Inspection Arsenal™ work holding and and Loc-N-Load™ fixture plates.
  • Able to build vertically and horizontally – horizontal cubes can be secured at any angle.
  • Works with all existing ¼-20 work holding.
  • Maximize the CMM work envelope without interfering with probe travel.

Preconfigured systems include several interchangeable components: an adjustable base, 2×2” cubes, 4” blank spacer block, and 2” and 4” posts that connect the system and provide pivot points.  Each cube has 10 (¼-20) holes per side for flexibility in holding positions and a 3/8-16 threaded centered hole that allows cubes to be added horizontally. Highly accurate components are designed with male/female locating features and are made from aluminum which is black anodized for durability.

Inspectors are no longer limited to the heights of a few towers. Maximize the work area of your CMM without interfering with the probes travel.

Choose the preconfigured system or order pieces individually.  Watch for additions to the system along with the metric version!  Inquire about custom sized systems.

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MT2-SYS-01MOur modular fixture tower expands the CMM work area, enabling inspectors to work more efficiently …$849.00
CM-160The Cross-Member™ is a quick and simple solution to turn any clamp or vise on …$660.00
MT-CUBE-2.0M2“ black anodized aluminum cube, M6 x1.0 threaded holes with a 3/8”-16” threaded hole to …$190.00
MT-BASE-2.0MMounting base for 2” tower system, black anodized aluminum with 20mm M6 mounting slots.$160.00
MT_SPACER-4.02″ x 4″ high, interlocking blank spacer, black anodized aluminum$150.00
MT-POST-2½” diameter steel post 2”$30.00
MT-POST-4½” diameter steel post 4″$40.00
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