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Meet the Inventor of Inspection Arsenal CMM fixture components.

Learn more from the inventor of Inspection Arsenal™ – STEVE PHILLIPS.

Steve Phillips, President & CEOHow did you come up with the idea for this new line of CMM work holding?

We own a prototype development machine shop and a couple of years ago we invested in a traditional CMM to enhance service to our customers.   I was asked to create a custom inspection fixture for one of our medical manufacturing customers.  I designed a new clamp to add to the custom plate for an inexpensive solution for large multi-part inspections. 

It’s an interesting group of Trade Names…

Yes, the Trigger-Block was the first design and the Cross-Bow, Trigger-Finger, Silver-Bullets, and others followed.  The trigger action and the shape of the clamps lend themselves to weapon names. The full line is trade named Inspection Arsenal™ which we think is a fitting name. With this line of clamps you’ll “win the war against inspection bottlenecks”.  It’s a cool theme to market. 

What’s unique about your inventions?

When I develop a new product, my philosophy is – simple is better – much like my Pitbull Clamp I designed for machining.  The simple, fast trigger-action clamps are the only of their kind.  This line is much more affordable and it saves customers money in many ways… The initial price of course, the time saved inspecting, and the decreased downtime on the manufacturing floor. Today’s CMM’s are very precise so the work holding no longer has to be. Purchasing CMMs is an investment – why not enhance the value of that investment?

Who can benefit most from owning these products?

Small shops like ours who’ve added one traditional CMM to those with larger shops and multiple CMMs doing one-piece to multi-part inspections love this line. One of our customers uses this work holding exclusively in their shop to reduce bottlenecks in their QC departments due to their high production Palletech machines. Others have purchased multiple kits to create redundancy across multiple machines to make moving from one CMM to another effortless.  Our QC inspector inspects the majority of our parts with exclusively with this line of components.

What products are available?

There are a few kit combinations available, one with a little of everything and the other that includes just the unique clamping components. Or, you can customize a kit based on your needs.  Fixture designers, for example, could order multiples of one style clamp for custom fixture designing.  “Fixturing-Up” for multiple repeat jobs is now very easy and affordable. Also, you see all the parts arrive in FREE 5S Ready packaging. We also offer affordable aluminum fixture plates like the one you see here.

We make some of the line in-house and the rest is contracted with local manufacturers.  The parts are durable, non-marring, high quality and proudly made in the USA. There will be unique components added to the line soon.

Where can customers order product?

As we build distribution channels, customers can order directly from us at  New customers receive 10% off their first order. 

Are you looking for distributors?

Definitely yes! We have a very easy, modern approach to partnering with reps and distributors where they earn sales commissions with no stocking orders required.  Our website has an “Affiliates” page where distributors can register and receive a CODE.  A machine dealer, for example, can promote the line via their online marketing efforts using their CODE.  We process the order and ship direct to customer.  Discounts of 20% on kits and 12% on plates are calculated for their code and a check is sent quarterly. Affiliate distributors can log in to see their account activity any time.

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