Fixture Plates / Docking Rails for Inspection

The two main components of the Loc-N-Load™ Fixture Plate System are the LNL Fixture Plates and the LNL Docking Rails and End-caps, which can adapt easily to your equipment.

Docking Rails (12”, 18” or 30”) bolt in place while interlocking Fixture Plates quickly secure and release with the use of magnets.

Fixture plates are durable anodized aluminum (.5 thick, ¼-20 thread, 1×1” hole pattern). Assorted sizes are available.

Accessory Plates include Angle Plate; Adapter Plate and for CMMs, a Ball Bar Plate for the qualifying ball/bar and our new radial plate.

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Loc-N-Load™ Plates

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LNL-PLT-1206Loc-N-Load™ Interlocking Plates - 12x6$280.00
LNL-PLT-0606Loc-N-Load™ Interlocking Plates - 6x6$180.00
LNL-PLT-0612Loc-N-Load™ Interlocking Plates - 6x12$250.00
LNL-PLT-0618Loc-N-Load™ Interlocking Plates - 6x18$320.00
LNL-PLT-1212Loc-N-Load™ Interlocking Plates - 12x12$400.00
LNL-PLT-1218Loc-N-Load™ Interlocking Plates - 12x18$550.00
LNL-PLT-1818Loc-N-Load™ Interlocking Plates - 18x18$1,175.00
LNL-PLT-1824Loc-N-Load™ Interlocking Plates - 18x24$1,685.00

Loc-N-Load™ Rails

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LNL-DOCK-12Loc-N-Load™ Docking Rails & End Caps - 2x12 Docking Rail$280.00
LNL-DOCK-18Loc-N-Load™ Docking Rails & End Caps - 2x18 Docking Rail$320.00
LNL-DOCK-30Loc-N-Load™ Docking Rails & End Caps - 2x30 Docking Rail$420.00
LNL-DOCK-2412Loc-N-Load™ Docking Rails & End Caps - 24x12 Docking Rail$790.00
LNL-ENDCAP-18Loc-N-Load™ Docking Rails & End Caps - 2x18 End Cap$250.00
LNL-ENDCAP-30Loc-N-Load™ Docking Rails & End Caps - 2x30 End Cap$310.00
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