LEAN Inspection Fixture System Unlocks Profits Hidden in QC!

There is a new LEAN concept changing the inspection work holding industry – a real game-changer. According to LEAN practitioners there is now an opportunity for manufacturers to begin making significant improvements in QC… uncovering hidden profits without breaking the bank. “Inspection Arsenal™ product line eliminates many non-value added setup steps through their CMM and Vision fixture plates and work holding. By “fixturing-up” and simplifying the inspection task for repeatable and documented steps, a standard work opportunity has been created to speed inspection and increase the number of parts inspected, even with a less skilled inspector. Implementation will reduce the downtime of expensive machines on the shop floor – higher machine utilization (e.g., running spindles, cutting chips) increases profits.”  Dwighd Delgado, LEAN Six Sigma Instructor and Practitioner, CQE

Kevin Smith, Project Manager, Massachusetts Manufacturers Extension Partnership (MassMEP) agrees. “This innovative inspection fixturing puts a unique perspective on how products can assist a company to sustain Lean. The system especially helps to reduce the time taken for the non-value-added service of inspection… in an economical way. Just like Lean it helps a company to reduce some of the non-value added waste that affects profits.”

The quick-swap nature of Inspection Arsenal™ fixture plates and trigger-action work holding speeds inspection and helps to eliminate costly inspection bottlenecks. With the option of installing a docking rail on each machine, inspectors are free to move individual Loc-N-Load™ fixture plates from one machine to another.  Multiple setups can be run on each CMM or vision machine and these interlocking plates can be swapped quickly and easily.

Several companies are reporting huge savings and use the term “no-brainer” when it comes to the purchase and implementation of Inspection Arsenal™ fixtures across their QC departments.

This year, three manufacturing companies were eager to tell their stories and documented more than $200,000 in savings as they converted just a few of their most popular parts to Loc-N-Load™ fixtures.  The savings will increase exponentially as these companies broaden their use of this LEAN design. Whether you’re a small job shop or large manufacturer with multiple part families, Inspection Arsenal™ can create process improvements.

Many more case studies are in the works.  Watch for a new series to be published during 2016.

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LEARN from the inventor how to implement this LEAN concept in your company’s inspection department.

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