Vision Fixture System – 12″ Dock, (2) 6 x8″ plates with Open-Sight™ Vision Kit



Bundle includes

  • 1 ea. OS-DOCK-12, 12″ Open-Sight™ docking rail
  • 2 ea. OS-PLT-0608, 6 x 8″ Open-Sight™  fixture plate
  • PLUS – 1 ea. VIS-KIT-01 Open-Sight™ 34-pc Vision work holding clamp kit containing non-marring hold downs, stops and stand-offs.

Affordable enough to add to each Vision / CMM.


This Vision fixture system includes the Open-Sight™ 12″ docking rail, (2) 6 x 8″ Open-Sight™ fixture plates and a 34-piece work holding kit.

The Open-Sight™ Vision work holding kit includes 2 ea. low profile Spring-Loc™, Sliding Stop™, Trigger-Finger™ and Trigger-Point™ with shafts, hole adjusters; Simple-Stop™ (#01-OS, #06, #07) and 1 clear adjustable platform. Thumb and button head screws, hex key included. Arrives in 5S foam storage.

Additional information

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions16 × 10 × 2 in