Vision Fixture System – 12″ Dock, 12 x 8″ Plate with Open-Sight™ Clamp Kit



BUNDLE includes:

  • (1) OS-DOCK-12, 12″ Open-Sight™ docking rail
  • (1) OS-PLT-1208, 12 x 8″ Open-Sight™  fixture plate
  • PLUS – (1) VIS-KIT-01 Open-Sight™ 34-pc work holding clamp kit containing non-marring hold downs, stops and stand-offs.


12″ BUNDLED Open-Sight™ Vision Fixture System (12″ Rail) PLUS Open-Sight™ Clamp Kit

This Vision fixture system includes the Open-Sight™ 12″ docking rail, a 12 x 8″ Open-Sight™ fixture plate, and a 34-piece work holding kit.

The work holding kit includes 2 ea. low profile Spring-Loc™, Sliding Stop™, Trigger-Finger™ and Trigger-Point™ with shafts, hole adjusters, 3 Simple-Stop™ rails (#01-OS, #06, #07) and 1 clear adjustable platform.  Thumb and button head screws, hex key included.  Arrives in 5S foam storage.

They can be purchased as needed and shipped same day!

Additional information

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions1816 × 10 × 2 in