Modular Tower System for Inspection



Preconfigured system include several interchangeable components:

  • 1 each – adjustable base (MT-BASE-2.0)
  • 4 each – 2×2” cubes (MT-CUBE-2.0)
  • 1 each – 4” blank spacer block (MT-SPACER-4)
  • 4 each – 1/2″ diameter steel post 2″ (MT-POST-2)
  • 1 each – 1/2″ diameter steel post 4″ (MT-POST-4)


This newly offered modular fixture tower has features and benefits exceeding others on the market. First in the line of towers is a 2” interlocking system that can be built both vertically and horizontally. Cubes added horizontally can be turned to any angle and locked securely.

  • Building block design lets you determine the height YOU want!
  • Staggered hole pattern adds flexibility for work holding.
  • Adds even more versatility to Inspection Arsenal™ work holding systems.
  • Able to build vertically and horizontally – horizontal cubes can be secured at any angle.
  • Works with all existing ¼-20 work holding.
  • Maximize the CMM work envelope without interfering with probe travel.

Preconfigured systems include several interchangeable components: an adjustable base, 2x2” cubes, 4” blank spacer block, and 2” and 4” posts that connect the system and provide pivot points.  Each cube has 10 (¼-20) holes per side for flexibility in holding positions and a 3/8-16 threaded centered hole that allows cubes to be added horizontally. Highly accurate components are designed with male/female locating features and are made from aluminum that is black anodized for durability.

Inspectors are no longer limited to the heights of a few towers. Maximize the work area of your CMM without interfering with the probe's travel.

Choose from two preconfigured systems or order pieces individually.

Additional information

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 4 in


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