Optical Comparator Fixture System (6″ Rail with STARTER Clamp Kit)



Bundle includes:

  • 1 ea. OC-Dock-06, 6″ Docking rail
  • 2 ea. LNL-PLT-0612, 6×12″ Loc-N-Load™ plates
  • 1  ea. TR-KIT-03  STARTER work holding clamps.

STARTER Kit includes non-marring hold downs, v-blocks, stops, and stand-offs. Affordable enough to add to each optical comparator.

This smaller fixture system is perfect for your optical comparators’ inspection applications. 


The slimmest rail, the 6″ Docking Rail is made to fit optical comparators. To speed inspection of parts, alternate your set-ups between the (2) 6 x 12″ quick-swap fixture plates. All Loc-N-Load™ fixture plates, rails, and clamps are designed to be built like puzzle pieces in a magnetically interlocking style. The ‘STARTER’ clamp Kit is versatile enough to hold most any part. Add one kit per optical comparator to create redundancy in your inspection department. They can be purchased as needed and shipped same day!

Bundle includes: 1 each: Loc-N-Load™ 6” Docking Rail, and (2) 6×12” Loc-N-Load™ Plates;
PLUS TR-KIT-03  Starter work holding kit containing non-marring hold downs, v-blocks, stops, and stand-offs.

Starter Kit includes:

  • (2) Cross-Bow™
  • (2) D-Blocks™
  • (2) Trigger-Finger™
  • (2) Lever Clamps  2.5″ (shafts included)
  • (2) V-Block 1 set
  • (8) Silver-Bullet™, 4 each – 1″ and 3″
  • (2) Steel shaft / stand-off; stackable
  • (2) Hole Adjusters
  • (4) Simple-Stops™ – 2 each #01, #07
  • (13) Stand-offs, assorted sizes
  • (21) Hex Keys, plus assorted screws

Loc-N-Load™  fixture rails, plates and work holding clamps create affordable, repeatable, and durable fixtures that reduce setup time and process more parts per shift.  Plates can be dedicated and kept with the job box for fast, repeatable setups.

Also available are 6×6″ and 6×18″ fixture plates.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 4 in