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CMM Fixture System (540mm Dock with WORKS Kit) – Metric



Bundle includes:

  • (1) 50 x 540mm Docking Rail
  • (1) 180 x 180mm Plate
  • (1) 180 x 360mm Plate
  • (1) 180 x 180mm Angle Plate
  • (1) Qualifying Bar Plate*
  • Plus – (1) TR-KIT-01  Inspection Arsenal® “WORKS” Work Holding Kit

* Ships with M8 threaded insert. Please note whether you require M6, M10, or M12 sized insert so we can adjust your order.

5-Pc. Loc-N-Load™ Metric fixture system (540mm Rail) PLUS WORKS Work Holding Kit (152 pcs)

The 540mm Docking Rail fits most mid-sized CMMs.  Use to create multiple fast-swap setups per CMM! All Loc-N-Load™ fixture plates, rails, and clamps are designed to be built like puzzle pieces in a magnetically interlocking style. The 146-pc Work Holding Kit provides everything you need to inspect virtually any part. Add one kit per CMM to create redundancy in your Quality Department.  System and additional pieces can be purchased as needed and shipped same day!  Plates are 12.7mm thick and have a 20 x 20mm hole pattern, M6 threads.

Bundle includes: (1) Loc-N-Load™ 540mm Docking Rail; (1) 180 x 180mm Plate; (1) 180 x 360mm Plate;, (1) Angle Plate, (1) Qualifying Ball Plate*, plus TR-KIT-01 Inspection Arsenal® Work Holding Kit.

* Qualifying Ball Plate ships with M8 threaded insert. M6 and M10 inserts are available if needed. For Qualifying Ball Plates with M12 female threads, no insert is required.

WORKS Kit includes: 

  • (4 ea.) Cross-Bow™ and D-Block clamps
  • (2) Trigger-Finger™ hold-downs with (4) 3” steel shafts
  • (4 ea.) 1, 2, and 3” Silver-Bullet™ stand-offs
  • (7)  Simple-Stop™ rails and stops
  • (2) Spring-Loc™ clamps
  • (2) Sliding Stop™ stops
  • (2) Hole Adjusters
  • (2) V-Blocks
  • (34) Stand-off & Rest Pad set
  • (18) Magnetic Riser Set
  • (4 ea.) Sturdy Lever Clamps 1.5″, 2.5″ and 3.5″ (shafts included)
  • Hex key, thumb and button-head screws.
Weight18 lbs
Dimensions31 × 19 × 4.5 in