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New Inspection Arsenal Products

Phillips Precision’s Products Division announces several new products as part of the Inspection Arsenal® LEAN, Quick-Swap inspection fixture system. Not only does Phillips Precision offer the only quick-swap standard fixture systems, but they provide quick, creative fixture design and quick shipping of your orders. Inspection Arsenal® tooling will help optimize your inspection process and uncover hidden profits.

Inspection Arsenal® will protect your company profits in many ways.

  • Enjoy a rapid return on investment
  • Inspect more parts per shift
  • Create multiple quick-swap setups per CMM
  • Move fixtures from one machine to another
  • Increase the number of employees who inspect
  • Adapt and reuse existing fixtures effortlessly
  • Access granite surface easily
  • Use CMM palletization features
  • Work toward lights-out inspections
  • Use as dedicated tooling – add it to your job box
    Ships immediately, as product is ready-made

Inspection Arsenal® complements other fixturing you may have and the value makes converting from other techniques very cost effective. Plates with air-glide feature are made to order. Standard Loc-N-Load™ product is ready-made and the company has a same-day shipping policy so an order today can be improving efficiency by tomorrow.

Product Press Releases

1-Legged Spider-Clamp

The 1-Legged Spider-Clamp can uniquely hold parts of infinite size and shape. We’ve plucked the legs off the 3-legged Spider Vise™ to give inspectors more options. Place the 1-legged vises in any hole position or direction 360°.  The leg comes complete with adjustable pins with O-rings to provide grip when parts are in position.  Vises are black anodized aluminum sitting on a ¾” x 2” steel stand-off secured by a flat-head screw.  Add taller stand-offs to gain more height when necessary. Compatible with ¼-20 and M6 mounting thread.

This unique vise is specifically designed to hold delicate round parts without distortion and allow maximum back lighting for vision inspection (also works well for CMM inspection). This 3-legged vise is designed to replace bulky traditional 3-jaw chucks which limit access and can distort parts. The Spider Vise™ is designed to hold parts from 1.18” to 6” in diameter. Each leg has adjustable pins with o-rings to provide grip when part is in place. Spider-Vise™ is black anodized aluminum sitting on a ¾” x 2” steel stand-off secured by a flat-head screw. Add taller stand-offs to gain more height when necessary. Available with ¼-20 and M6 mounting thread.

The ER Collet Chucks are ideal for holding small diameter parts. Two sizes are available to meet your needs:

  • The ER-11 holds parts from .012-.312” diameter
  • The ER-16 collet holds larger diameter from .012-.406” and features a flanged base for added stability.

Both sizes include a through hole to add a depth stop. The collets are made from 303 stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance. Collets can be used individually or in a multiple part set-up.

The ER-11 and ER-16 collet chucks can be used on our quick-swap Loc-N-Load™ Plates or on existing plates with 1” or ½” hole patterns. Collets sold separately.

Sturdy Lever Clamp

The new heavy-duty Sturdy Lever cantilevered clamp is ideal for added force and for larger parts. Lever tightens with a thumb screw rather than downward force which makes this clamp less likely to mar the part. The clamp generates up to 30-lbs of force and can be adjusted to hold at a steep angle if needed. Works on the same post as our Trigger-Finger™ hold-down. Assembles quickly and self-aligns/levels to the correct starting point. Post is steel and clamp lever is black anodized aluminum (thumb screw included). Can be ordered with a ¼-20 or M6 threaded post.

This unique corner block for vision inspection allows COMPLETE access to the entire edge of the part without interruption. Use the pin-ball like spring feature to nudge the workpiece away from the corner block to a repeatable distance. The dock is slotted for a universal fit to most any vision stage. Simply shift in any direction to catch the hole pattern. Add more than one corner block to the stage or to Open-Sight™ fixture plates to inspect multiple parts.

Redesigned Riser-Grip™

The redesigned Riser-Grip™ full-access clamps are now even more versatile. The two-piece design allows the top jaw containing a brass tipped set screw to adjust up and down and lock into place. V-grooves are added to the holding surface bidirectionally to secure small round parts for inspection. Threaded holes in the base accommodate stops. Riser-Grip™ is machinable and can be customized for your unique parts. Use for CMM and vision inspection. Able to secure parts of .0 to 2.1” (0mm to 53.3mm) in thickness. Clear anodized aluminum. Fits ¼-20, 1/2” and 1” fixture plate hole patterns. Inquire about Riser-Grip™ for metric hole patterns.


The Spanner-Vise™ is a two-piece vise especially designed for use on Loc-N-Load™ or other inspection fixture plates. Infinitely adjust the distance to accommodate the work piece and lock down securely. Soft jaws are standard with a milled step or can be machined to nest the work piece. Gain height with Inspection Arsenal® stand-offs. Black anodized aluminum. Comes complete with mounting hardware.

Radial Loc-N-Load Plate

The Radial Loc-N-Load™ plate is 8 inches in diameter, 1/2” thick black hard anodized aluminum with ¼-20 threaded holes. Because not every part is square we decided to use a radial hole pattern rather than a grid pattern in ½” offsets starting from the center hole. The smaller bolt circles have 30° spacing and the larger ones are 15°.

The plate is laser marked with rings to make aligning parts visually easy. The signature Loc-N-Load™ shape is added to locate the plate in the docking rail for inspection. Magnets hold the plate accurately and securely and allow for easy release. Add Inspection Arsenal® work holding, such as Silver-Bullet™, Trigger-Finger™ hold downs, stand-offs and more to enhance your setup.

The new radial plate is the latest addition to the Loc-N-Load™ fixture plates system. Loc-N-Load™ aluminum fixture plates interlock magnetically to remain firmly secured, yet release quickly and easily for the next job. The system installs effortlessly on all CMMs. Selecting your system is easy with pre-configured CMM bundled fixture systems. Select the docking rail and plate bundle that suits your application. Choose from 12”, 18”or 30”rail and plate combinations. Next, choose the size, of work-holding kit that will suit your application—51, 70 or 146 pieces. They all contain selections of the Inspection Arsenal® trigger action, low-profile clamps, rails, stops, and hold-downs to enable quick and easy set-up. All docking rails, plates and work holding are also available for purchase individually.

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