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Inspection Arsenal® Press Release in June 2013 Quality Digest

Loc-N-Load with multiple setups

Kay-Jay Products, Inc. of Boylston, MA is on a mission to change the way you think about CMM inspection setups.  Imagine an alternative line of CMM clamps and interchangeable CMM fixture plates designed to create a LEAN QC department all with a very affordable price tag. Inspection Arsenal® Loc-N-Load™ quick-swap fixture plate system combined with fast trigger-action, non-marring clamping components will increase overall shop productivity by speeding up the inspection process. 

New CMM owners are typically intimidated by the cost of fixture plates and components. Now you have a low cost option with a short learning curve and you’ll start with the newest techniques. Production shops use Loc-N-Load™ as dedicated fixturing for part  families. Part numbers – even barcodes – can be engraved and programs with photographs are stored for fast, simple, and repeatable inspection setups that any number of employees can run. 

After watching this 2 minute video you’ll see what Eastec attendees realized right away.  Steve Phillips, the same inventor who brought the simple, effective design of Pitbull Clamp™ to machining, has a knack for stripping away the complexity and expense of his designs.  “I run my own machine shop and understand that most of us just want a tool that does the job and doesn’t break the bank.” Inspection Arsenal® components are also designed to work well with existing CMM products.

“This innovative inspection work holding puts a unique perspective on how products can assist a company to sustain Lean.  The clamps and plates especially help to reduce the time taken for the non-value-added service of inspection… in an economical way.  Just like Lean – it helps a company to reduce some of the non-value added waste that affects profits.”  Kevin Smith, Project Manager, Massachusetts Manufacturers Extension Partnership (MassMEP)

We’re dedicated to keeping costs low so you may not find us at every trade show.  Please help us spread the word about this simple, effective, and affordable CMM fixturing alternative.

For additional information, contact Kay-Jay Products, Inc. at 508-869-0373 or go to www.inspectionarsenal.comPatents Pending.

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