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Inspection Arsenal® Open-Sight™ Spacer Plates

BOYLSTON, Mass. Vision inspection machines have grown in popularity and in SIZE.  There are some large pieces of glass out there with very limited fixture options.  Phillips Precision has added versatile Spacer-Plates to its Inspection Arsenal® Open-Sight™ vision line.

Insert as many 6×6” or 180x180mm spacers as you need to place your parts where you need them. The Open-Sight™ Spacer-Plates are made of 0.5” thick, clear polycarbonate and include a magnetic male and female Loc-N-Load™ tongue to lock plates together providing a highly repeatable location for both vision and tactile inspection – no matter the size of your machine stage.

Not only are Open-Sight™ Spacer-Plates ideal for inspecting parts closer to the center of a large glass stage… You can also modify them for your own needs. Many inspectors use tape, putty and even hot glue to hold parts directly on the glass; only to take longer, limit their work holding options and eventually damage the expensive glass surface. Instead, take advantage of the protection, repeatability, and simplicity of quick swap polycarbonate Open-Sight™ fixture plates and deliver perfect parts faster! Choose from a variety of Open-Sight™ plate sizes and work holding with ¼-20 or M6 threaded, even preconfigured bundled systems are available to help create the perfect part setup.

By now everyone knows the benefits of going modular and quick-swap!

Open-Sight Spacer Plate
  • Enjoy a rapid return on investment
  • Inspect more parts per shift
  • Create multiple quick-swap setups per CMM
  • Move fixtures from one machine to another
  • Increase the number of employees who inspect
  • Adapt and reuse existing fixtures effortlessly
  • Access granite and glass surfaces easily
  • Use CMM palletization features
  • Work toward lights-out inspections
  • Use as dedicated tooling – add it to your job box
  • Ships immediately, as product is ready-made

Inspection Arsenal® complements other fixturing you may have and the value makes converting from other techniques very cost effective.   Plates with air-glide feature are made to order. Standard Loc-N-Load™ product is ready-made and the company has a same-day shipping policy so an order today can be improving efficiency by tomorrow.

For additional information visit where you’ll find case studies and demo videos on all products that show just how fast and easy Inspection Arsenal® is to use.

About Phillips Precision, Inc.

Phillips Precision, Inc. of Boylston, MA is a full-service machine shop and work holding product innovator.  Phillips designs, develops and markets work-holding products for manufacturers, in addition to providing custom fixture design services.

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