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Inspection Arsenal® Attacks CMM Inspection Bottlenecks

Kay-Jay Products Introduces Cost Effective Work-Holding Kit

BOYLSTON, Mass. Nov 1, 2012 – Kay-Jay Products, Inc. announced the introduction of Inspection Arsenal™, an innovative, easy-to-use work-holding kit for Lean CMM inspection.

“CMM inspections can be a major bottleneck,” according to Catherine Phillips, business manager and co-owner of Kay-Jay Products.  “The Inspection Arsenal™ keeps work flowing smoothly and quickly, providing an economical way to hold parts in place without messy glue or tape.”

While a similar kit was previously available exclusively through a distributor, Inspection Arsenal™ can be purchased for a lower price directly from Kay-Jay Products through its Web site at  Kay-Jay sells two versions of the kit and has modified the contents, based on feedback from customers.

By making Inspection Arsenal™ more affordable, Phillips believes customers will be more likely to incorporate it into their Lean manufacturing processes.

“By setting up a kit for each CMM, customers can greatly reduce their set-up time and save money on inspections, while improving work flow,” she said.

The Inspection Arsenal’s™ trigger action, non-marring clamps enable inspectors to set up quickly and cleanly.  Its trigger action makes it so easy to use, parts can be put in place with one hand.

“Traditional CMMs continue to improve inspection capabilities for most manufacturers, but may be underutilized because of outdated inspection methods,” according to Phillips.  “Using Inspection Arsenal™, companies can realize more value from their CMMs, in addition to reducing down time on other critical machines on the shop floor.”

Inspection Arsenal™ is consistent with Lean manufacturing and flexible enough to handle virtually any part, from one piece to multi-part fixtures.  Inspectors can use the kit to “fixture up” and document multiple setups cost effectively. All of the components work with your existing fixture plates, as well.

The Inspection Arsenal™ includes six different tools, some of which have patents pending:

Trigger-Finger attaches to a shaft and grips to the shaft to hold parts down.  It can be adjusted in seconds to any part, from tall to very flat pieces held close to the plate.  To change parts, simply turn the finger away from the part and the Trigger-Finger™ will stay in place while the part is swapped.  It will not release and will not need to be readjusted.

Trigger-Block™ and Cross-Bow™ spring clamps hold pieces in place quickly and securely.  Parts can be released and replaced with the squeeze of a trigger.  It can easily be used on a fixture plate for one-piece inspections or customized for multiple-part fixtures.

D-Block™ is a versatile tool that can be used as a spring clamp, stop, v-block, straight-edge or plunger.  Its D-shaped spring action provides constant force to lock parts in place once they are tightened down.

Each kit also includes Silver-Bullet™ stand-offs made from precision-turned anodized aluminum and Simple-Stop™ rails and stops, which are made from 14 gauge brushed stainless steel.

The durable, American-made kit comes with easy to store 5S foam drawer inserts.

Customers can choose from two specially designed kits, each with more than 40 pieces, or order additional modules and create their own customized kits, which can be especially helpful if they plan to “fixture-up,” Phillips said.

TR-KIT-01, includes 12 Trigger-Blocks™, and eight each of the following: Cross-Bow™, Trigger-Block™, D-Block™, Trigger-Finger™ and stackable shafts, plus foam drawer inserts.  This kit is an ideal complement to existing part-holding kits that companies may already own.  The unique clamping tools work well with magnets, standoffs and other tools.

TR-KIT-02, includes four each of the following: Cross-Bow™, D-Block™, sets of Silver Bullets™ and stackable steel shafts; plus three Trigger-Blocks™, two Trigger-Fingers™, a seven-piece set of Simple-Stops™, foam drawer inserts, an Allen wrench, and thumb and button-head screws.  This complete part-holding kit provides everything needed to expedite the inspection process.

Additional modules that can be purchased separately include sets of eight Cross-Bows™, eight D-Blocks™, six Trigger-Blocks™, eight Trigger-Fingers™ with stackable shafts, four Silver-Bullets™ in sets of 1”, 2” and 3” stand-offs, and seven Simple-Stops™ with an Allen wrench.

For additional information, contact Kay-Jay Products at 508-869-0373 or go to  Customers can receive a 10% discount on their first order by mentioning “getlean.”

About Kay-Jay Products, Inc.

Kay-Jay Products, Inc. of Boylston, Mass., designs, develops and markets work-holding products for manufacturers.  Kay-Jay is a subsidiary of Phillips Precision, Inc., a full-service machine shop specializing in prototype and short-run production.

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