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Hole Adjuster Adds Flexibility!

Adjust location of hold-downs and stand-offs.

It’s an obvious addition and the name speaks for itself. Companion to the Trigger-Finger™ non-marring hold down, the hole adjuster offers movement between the Loc-N-Load™ 1×1″ hole pattern. The black anodized aluminum adjuster comes with an easy grip thumb-screw.  

The LEAN techniques of Inspection Arsenal™ help to reduce setup time and process more parts per shift with less skilled labor. Fixture part families, add fixtures to the job box, and create visuals in programs to significantly reduce setup time.

Order the new Hole Adjuster at from our full line of Loc-n-Load™ CMM Fixture Plates and unique CMM work holding components andreceive 10% off your order using Coupon CodeGETLEAN at checkout. Call us at 508-869-0373 with any questions.

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