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Announcing Laser Arsenal™ ready-made laser marking fixture components.

Laser Focus on LEAN Setups!

Laser Arsenal(tm) Fixture System offers standard, fast-swap fixture plates and non-marring, trigger-action clamping components. Quickly create affordable, repeatable, and durable fixtures that reduce setup time and help process more parts per shift. Fixture-up part families for large lots and add to job box to create a LEANer, more profitable process. 

Laser Arsenal(tm) Loc-N-Load™ system is comprised of a docking rail that easily installs in most laser equipment and fixture plates onto which various clamps can be added.  The .5″ aluminum plates interlock magnetically to remain firmly secured to one another yet release quickly and easily for the next job.

Docking rails are available in 12″, 18″, and 30″ lengths with 5 interlocking plate sizes ranging from 6×6″ to 12×18″. They have a 1″x1″ pattern of 1/4-20 threaded holes into which low-profile, non-marring clamps such as the Trigger-Finger™ hold down and Cross-Bow™ spring action clamps are added. Other components such as stops/rails, stand-offs, v-blocks, and riser clamps are also available. 

 All components are standard and in stock and can be ordered directly from the manufacturer at  An order placed today can be improving productivity tomorrow. 

Special bundled kits and discounts are available for OEMs wishing to fit-up machines or add the full part list of Laser Arsenal™ as an ancillary product line.  Laser Arsenal™ is a product line of KJ Products a division of Phillips Precision, Inc., Boylston, MA.   508-869-0373.

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