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Angle Plate/Stop for CMM Fixtures

QC Interruptions? No Problem!

Use angle plates for unexpected requests.

Use the latest addition to the Loc-n-Load™ Fixture Plate System as a stop to locate parts quickly on the granite. A 1×1″ pattern of 1/4-20 threaded holes allow the use of work holding when you need it. Keep spindles running from fast swap of multi-part fixtures to the unplanned quick inspections on the granite.

Reduce setup time and process more parts per shift with less skilled labor using Inspection Arsenal™ LEAN techniques.  Fixture part families, add fixtures to the job box, and create visuals in programs to significantly reduce setup time.

Order the new angle plate/stop at from our  full line of Loc-n-Load™ CMM Fixture Plates and unique CMM work holding components and receive 10% off your order using Coupon Code GETLEAN at checkout. Call us at 508-869-0373 with any questions.

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