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12-in. Docking Rail Now Part of Inspection Arsenal’s CMM Fixture System

PRESS RELEASE:  QUALITY DIGEST: 12-in. Docking Rail Now Part of Inspection Arsenal’s CMM Fixture System

Fits smaller CMMs and accepts all the side interlocking Loc-N-Load CMM fixture plates.

By: Phillips Precision Inc. 05/08/2014

(Phillips Precision: Boylston, MA) —  Phillips Precision unveiled a new 12-in. docking rail as part of the Inspection Arsenal Loc-N-Load CMM fixture system at Quality Expo in Dallas. The new rail is designed to fit smaller coordinate measuring machines (CMM) while also satisfying users of larger CMMs wanting to dedicate only a portion of the granite for fast-swap fixtures. The smaller rail accepts all of the side interlocking Loc-N-Load CMM fixture plates.

Also added is a simple, low-cost adapter plate so inspectors can easily adopt the lean techniques of the Loc-N-Load CMM fixture system. The new adapter plate simply adds the Loc-N-Load signature shape to existing fixtures, which can then be secured to a Loc-N-Load docking rail for fast, repeatable setups.

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Reduce setup time and process more parts per shift with less skilled labor using Inspection Arsenal lean techniques.  Develop fixture part families, add fixtures to  the job box, and create visual, repeatable setups. Learn how by watching this quick demonstration video and how Inspection Arsenal is helping to break the quality control bottleneck for its customers. The system also includes a variety of non-marring, low profile clamps such as the Trigger-Finger hold-down and the spring-action Cross-Bow, which enable operators to quickly swap parts. Other fixture components include v-blocks, stops, stand-offs, and riser clamps that can all be configured for a one-piece or multipart fixture. Inspection Arsenal is a unique combination of ready-made fixture plates and clamps that can be easily implemented in your quality control department. Loc-N-Load has two main components: The docking rail (in 12 in., 18 in., or 30 in. lengths) is bolted in place, while interlocking fixture plates are quickly secured and released with the use of magnets.  The 0.5 in.-thick anodized fixture plates have a 1 x 1 in. 1/4–20 thread hole pattern and are available in 6 x 6 in., 6 x 12 in., 6 x 18 in., 12 x 12 in., and 12 x 18 in. sizes.


Order a pre-configured plate and clamp bundle, or customize your order The company offers a 100-percent money back guarantee and a same-day shipping policy for orders placed before 2 p.m. EST.

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